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Emergers training provides a blend of theoretical and practical training, which will enable the students to participate in IOT projects. Internet of Things (IoT) is presently a hot technology worldwide. Government, academia, and industry are involved in different aspects of research, implementation, and business with IoT. Internet of Things represents a general concept for the ability of network devices to sense and collect data from the world around us, and then share that data across the Internet where it can be processed and utilized for various interesting purposes. It will completely transform how computer networks are used for the next 10 or 100 years. Therefore, it is very important to learn the fundamentals of this emerging technology.
Applications of IoT:
1. In hospitals predicting the arrival of patients in PACU
2. Crop water management system
3. Self-parking automobile
4. Location tracking for individual pieces of manufacturing inventory
5. Fuel savings from intelligent environmental modeling of gas-powered engines
6. Home automation system
7. Live stock monitoring system in Poultry and Farming
Areas of IoT Applications:
1. Healthcare
2. Agriculture
3. Space
4. Education
5. Manufacturing
6. Construction
7. Water
8. Mining


Embedded System

Emergers is spent significant time in Design of Products from Embedded, Mobile, E-trade zones and also modified answers for various clients with full support. We finish polished methodology, moral principles, long-term relationships and genuine responsibility regarding our regarded Customers. .
Emergers provide:
Top Embedded Systems Training in Bangalore,
Best Embedded Courses in Bangalore
Our Institute Provide online course on Embedded Systems is intended for electrical/electronics engineers who want to enter this field. Embedded systems will first the students to the fundamental requirements of embedded systems and the interaction between hardware and software in such systems.
IT becomes the data hero. It's finally IT's time to break the cycle and evolve from producer to enabler. IT is at the helm of the transformation to self-service analytics at scale. IT is providing the flexibility and agility the business needs to innovate all while balancing governance, data security, and compliance. And by empowering the organization to make data-driven decisions at the speed of business, IT will emerge as the data hero who helps shape the future of the business.
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Manual and Automation Testing

1.Why Software Testing, Necessity?
2.What is Software Testing and Pros and Cons of Manual Testing.
3.Brief Overview of SDLC and Traditional models.
4.Hybrid and Customized Models.
5.AGILE Overview and implementation.
6.Types of Testing(White box Testing(WBT), Black Box Testing(BBT) and Grey Box Testing)
7.What is white box testing, how it is done and why it is done.
8.Tools used in White Testing.
9.Difference between WBT and BBT
10.Types of BBT.
11.Process of testing (Test case, STLC, Test Plan Templates and Matrix related to the process)
12.Introduction to the Defect, Brief explanation of Defect and Defect Life Cycle.
13.Defect tracking tool.
14.Introduction to the Test management tools and brief explanation with the real time Project.
Note: For All the above mentioned Content, Why, what, when and how to test and implemented in real time project with sample project and assignment on each topic will be given and discussed.

SQL/PL SQL and Oracle 11g DBA

1.Introduction of Database and overview.
2.Why it is necessary as a part of course.
4.Simply queries to access the database tables and Operators.
5.Different type of clauses.
6.Group Function and queries.
7.Sql Language (DDL, DML, DTL, DCL).
8.Data types.
11.Co-related Sub-queries.
13.Codd Rules.