About this course

What you'll learn


Introduction to FPGA

FPGA basic Architecture

Xilinx and FPGA Architecture

FPGA Internal resource

FPGA Design Essentials

FPGA Architecture Overview

FPGA Input/output Blocks(IOBs)

Special FPGA functions

Logic Synthesis

FPGA Programming with Verilog.

Tool Training

Programming in Verilog HDL/VHDL

History of Verilog HDL/VHDL

Overview of HDLs


Operators in Verilog

Design styles in Verilog

Programming in Verilog HDL/VHDL

Implementation of combinational circuits using Verilog

Implementation of sequential circuits using Verilog

Design of FSM using Verilog, Mealy and Moore Machine

Memory modelling and FSM

Design of memory using RTL coding

Design of FSM for complex sequential circuits

Different types of memory design

Design of Test Benches

Introduction to Test benches

Implementation of test benches for combinational circuits

Implementation of test benches for sequential circuits

Tasks and Functions and directives

Introduction to tasks

Introduction to functions

Difference between task and function

IP Integration using Xilinx

Integrating IP Cores

Integrating IPs like DCM,FIFO

Coding Optimization for synthesis

RTL coding for efficient synthesis

Coding for Timing

Coding for Area

System task and functions

Case study

Vivado Tool Flow

Tool Flow basics and Understanding

Vivado Tool Flow

IO pin planning


Software Development Design with C

Timing Analysis

Applying constraints and viewing reports

Clock Constrains

Reset Constrains

FPGA Resources for DSP application

Hand on FPGA Board


Introduction to MATLAB

Data and data flow in MATLAB

Editing and debugging m files


Flow Control Conditional Statements

Error Handling Work with Multidimensional Array Cell Array & Characters Developing User Defined Function Scripts and Other functions

MATLAB Image and Video Processing


Communication toolbox, DSP tool box

Image processing toolboxes

Getting Started with System Generator for DSP

DSP Number system Format

Fixed Point Format Q format and IEEE floating point format

Designing with Simulink

Building Blocks in Simulink

Explore the Simulink interface and block libraries

Creating and editing a simple Simulink model

Defining system inputs and outputs

Simulating the model and analysing results

Designing filters in Simulink

Converting filters to fixed point

System Generator Part 1

Design Creation Basics

Basic concepts of creating a design using System Generator

Basics of building a design in System Generator

Simulate a design in System Generator

Run the System Generator token to generate a Xilinx FPGA bit stream

Create a subsystem

Improve performance using dedicated Xilinx FPGA math functions

System Generator Part 1

Signal Routing

Understanding how signal routing blocks can be used redefine or modify a fixed-point number at the bit level

Convert a fixed-point number into a new fixed-point number

Slice bits from a fixed-point number

Pad and Unpad a fixed-point number

System Control

Create a finite state machine using the Mcode block in System Generator

Creating FSM using inbuilt sys gen block

System Generator Part 2

Multi Rate systems

Sample rates in a DSP System

Up Sampling

Down Sampling

Convert a serial stream of data to a parallel word

Convert a parallel word of data into a serial stream

Memory Design

Using a Xilinx ROM block to implement a LUT-based operation

Block or distributed RAM

Use a Xilinx ROM block to implement a trig or math function such as arcsin

Filter Design

Use the Matlab FDA tool to generate and set the filter coefficients

Use the Xilinx FIR Compiler to generate various filter implementations

Modulation Demodulation Design

BPSK Mod demod design

QPSK Design

FSK Design

ASK Design


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