Home Automation

home automation

EMERGERS Technologies has very useful Products/Solutions.

Embedded Products

EMERGERS Technologies has very useful Products/Solutions and is working on a number of projects in the embedded arena. Our Products are as follows.

Home Automation

Emergers Technologies can help you make your home Intelligent with a customized solution that can work with your lifestyle and budget. Some of the solutions are

When you are Home, Lights will be automatically switched ON depending on your presence in the specific room without any remote control. Lights are switched on the basis of the availability of Sun Light in the room.

  1. Any home appliance can be switched ON/OFF and Fan speed can also be controlled using a universal remote.
  2. Vehicle security.
  3. Gate opening and closing using mobile phone.
  4. Smart Door locking and monitoring system.
  5. Gas leakage detection and alert system.

And many more features.

New features can be Added and Customized based on Customer requirements.