About this course

What you'll learn

Introduction to Microcontrollers

What is a microcontroller(MCU)

Microcontroller unit(MCU) vs. microprocessor unit(MPU)

Components within MCU

Application design using a MCU(Example ADRINO)

Introduction to FPGA

Introduction to FPGA

FPGA basic Architecture

Xilinx and FPGA Architecture

FPGA Internal resource

FPGA Design Essentials

FPGA Architecture Overview

FPGA Input/output Blocks (IOBs)

Special FPGA functions

Logic Synthesis

Basic FPGA Programming with Verilog

Introduction to DSP

What is Digital Signal Processing system?


DSP system

DSP Number format Fixed Point, IEEE Floating Point

Introduction to MATLAB-SIMULINK

Understanding DSP algorithm with MATLAB-SIMULINK

TI DSP Architectures

Introduction to ARM Architecture

Introduction to ARM Architectures.

Different ARM Architectures(ARM7,ARM9,ARM11,ARM Cortex)

Features of ARM7, ARM9, and ARM cortex.

ARM used in SoC Platform’s such as Zynq.


Introduction to ADC/DAC

ADC Design Example

Different ADC Datasheets Study

Understanding ADC/DAC using MATLAB-SIMULINK

Configuring ADC

ADC-MCU-FPGA Interface Application development

ADC-FPGA Interface

SoC Design

What is SoC Design?

Need for SoC

SoC Design flow using soft and hard processor

Introduction to Zynq SOC

Hands on FPGA Board


Tool Flow basics and Understanding


Software Development Design with C

Timing Analysis

Applying constraints and viewing reports

IO pin planning

Clock Constrains

Reset Constrains

FPGA Resources for DSP application

Hands on FPGA Board

Soft/Hard Processor design

FPGA Resources for DSP application

Hands on FPGA Board

Processor System (PS)-Programmable Logic (PL) Design using VIVADO

Programmable Logic (PL) Implementation example.

Processor System Implementation example

PS-PL Implementation example.

Processor hardware development

Creating a IP Integrator Design

Creating a Micro blaze/Zynq System in VIVADO

Creating a software Application using C in SDK

IP Creation

Creating IP in HDL

Creating IP in Math works HDL Coder

DMA Design.

Developing system on a programmable chip(soft and hard processor based applications)

PS-PL Interface

Designing AXI interface




Example Programs for all above

PS-PL Interface Designing with VIVADO HLS

Case Study Examples:

Building a Memory Based debugging solution on FPGA using UART.

Building an Ethernet Packet generator and testing it.

Application Demonstration using an ARM platform board such as raspberry PI.

Understanding Implementation of DSP algorithm FFT and FIR and its analysis